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Domenico Bianco, DVM, DACVIM   Board Certified Internist

Domenico Bianco, DVM, DACVIM   Board Certified Internist

Dr. Bianco, DVM, Ph.D, DACVIM, graduated in 1998 from the University of Torino (Italy) and completed his PhD program in 2002 at the same institution. Dr. Bianco met the requirements for practicing in the United States in 2003 at Purdue University. He completed a rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the University of Columbia-Missouri (2004-2005), a residency in small animal internal medicine at the University of Minnesota (2005-2008), and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (2008). He has authored and reviewed numerous publications in peer-reviewed, accredited journals, and has lectured nationally and internationally at many veterinary meetings and conventions. He enjoys all aspects of small animal internal medicine, while his primary research interest is focused on hematology and coagulation. Dr. Bianco is proficient in the performance of any one of a number of internal medicine diagnostic procedures, including but not limited to abdominal and thoracic ultrasound, ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspirates, ultrasound-guided renal biopsy, laparoscopy-assisted hepatic biopsy, bronchoscopy, rhinoscopy, cystoscopy, gastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy, and bone marrow aspirate/core biopsy.

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The Animal Medical Center of Southern California is devoted to providing the best medical, surgicalm and emergency critical care available in veterinary medicine. As important as our medical expertise is, we believe that excellent care combines state-of-the-art veterinary medicine and surgery with a focus on compassion and respect for your pet and for your family.

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